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Setting the Standard in Skin Care and Medical Aesthetic Medicine Practice


Here at the Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest information in the field and quality in our services to our members


Board of Directors 

President and Chief Director

Prof Darius 1.png

Dr. Dariush Honardoust, PhD., DDSC., MSc., BSc.


Professor, Canadian College of Aesthetic Dermatology

Post-Doctorate: Division of Surgery, University of Alberta, Canada

Doctorate: Specialty in Craniofacial, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, Canada

MSc: Anatomy & Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Representative of CAMACS in Alberta, Canada 


Sangeeta Sharma, President of NIWE Academy.

NIWE Academy of Cosmetology / Massage, Calgary, Alberta 

Representative of CAMACS Eastern Canada (ON, QC, NS) 

Ali Khalifeh.png

Ali Khalifeh (MD of Iran and Armenia) 

Member of Medical Council of Iran 

Board Certified Dermatologist,YSMU (Armenia) 
Dermatologic & Laser Surgery, Medical Aesthetics (Iran, Armeia, Germany) 
Member of World Association for Laser Therapy, WALT 

Member of European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology, ESCAD 

Teaching Professor, Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons 

Aesthetic Medicine Technologist and Consultant, Nanaimo, BC. Canada 


Instructor and Mentor

Senior Medical Aesthetician Technologist

Course and Curriculum Developer and Adviser

Energy Healing, Wellness and Healthy Life Style Consultant

Member of Canadian Association of Medical

Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons

Camacs Rep. Training and Certification in Iran, UAE and Istanbul, Turkey 

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 4.06.50 PM.png

Omid Rahmani, MD. 
PhD, Medical University of Tehran, Member of Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine world congress (AMWC), Holder of Cosmetic Surgery Training and Certification from France and Canada, Member of American and European Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Director of Rahya Surgery and Aesthetic Beauty Clinic, Licensed Hair Transplant Surgeon in Iran. 

Representative of CAMACS in Manitoba, Canada

Maria Silva.png

Maria Silva, Medical Aesthetic Technologist and Make-up Artist 

Founder and Director of GLAM MED CANADA 


Sara Katami.png

Representative of CAMACS in Europe 

Sarah Katami, MD. 

International Medical Graduate. 

Member of Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Society (AMWC), France 

Representative and Instructor of Euro-Aesthetic Academy, France 

International Scientific Board of Anti-aging Member and Journal Editor 

Faculty Member and Assistant Professor

Luwyna Li, Ni-Lin (M.B., B.S. Australia) 

Founder of Bioscor Int'l Clinic (Canada) 

Medical Laser & Aesthetic Skin Specialist and Consultant 

Dr. Li.png

Associate Professor and Faculty Member

Dr. Kambiz Boresh Navard, PhD.,

Canadian College of Aesthetic Dermatology

Alice Dan Xu.png

Representative of CAMACS in China and Asia 

Alice Dan Xu, Certified Medical Aesthetician 

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 3.40.32 PM.png

Representative of CAMACS, Edmonton Alberta

Lola Olorunfemi, RN., BSc., BSN., MScN., LNC., MSc ., Degree, Licensed Registered Nurse
Instructor / Training Coordinator
Clinical educator/ Nurse Educator at University of Alberta and Macewan University.
Director of Beauty Diamond Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Board of Directors Member, Canadian A


About Us

Determination and Dedication 

The Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons (CAMACS) is a not-for-profit organization. CAMACS is dedicated to promoting the latest advances and safety and quality in aesthetic medicine. This can be achieved by collaboration of experts and leading providers of plastic surgery as well as non-surgical treatment specialists.

Consultation and Advocacy 

We believe that consultations and treatments in medical aesthetic clinics must be provided by specialized doctors, registered and qualified nurses and professional post-graduate trainees in the aesthetic medicine programs. The priority should be given to the patient's interests and safety. 

Safety and Excellence 

We strive to propegate sound, updated and trustworthy advice on aesthetic medicine to our colleagues and clients. We believe in offering treatments that can improve the appearance and quality of life and advising against procedures that may not be suitable for the clients needs. 

Performance and Promotion 

We believe that performing non-invasive procedures as alternatives can help to create a youthful, relaxed, and refreshed looking appearance as well. 

Education and Awareness 

We are committed to creating opportunities for our colleagues to share their leading edge information in aesthetic medicine. Annual conferences as well as workshops and training sessions are our special interests and on the top of our agenda. 

Training and Certification

For younger professionals and individuals interested in the medical aesthetics field, we are dedicated to offering the best possible advise on chosen career path by providing with the knowledge and experience. 

Our Mission

Vision, Mission and Values

  • To enrich knowledge in the future of aesthetic medicine through advanced research technology and innovative approaches 

  • To meet the demands of today's modern society and clients expectations 

  • To recognize and affirm the uniqueness of each client's need and desire for beauty and health 

  • To serve our clients with compassion, honesty and integrity 

  • To respect our clients privacy and keep their personal information confidential 

  • To treat our patients, colleagues and associates with respect, loyalty and pride 

  • To deliver the absolute best medical care and aesthetic services, in a comfortable setting 

  • To promote superiority, protection, safety and quality in aesthetic medicine through education and direction 

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